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Medical Tourism Organization (MTO) is a collaborative Web-based Platform serving the Medical Traveler and Providers cross the globe. The MTO serves as a unique hub for medical tourism with its associated services; Travel Services and Logistics including Flights, Hotels, SPAs and Entertainment – Selection of wide range of Medical Providers including Hospitals, Clinics, and Alternative Medicine with more than 300+ medical procedures and specialties – Lots of other features. The MTO platform enables business stakeholders to cooperate in a highly secured environment that associates patients’ privacy and confidentiality. The MTO is equipped with advanced marketing tools based on targeted marketing campaigns leveraging the social media and the strategic marketing intelligence techniques.

The MTO delivers superior PATIENT service to traveling patients, as a successful medical tourism Platform we develop strong relationships with reliable providers, provide flawless travel arrangements, and have an understanding of preoperative and postoperative arrangements, amongst many other steps involved in the planning.

The MTO as the Facilitator for many International Healthcare Providers worldwide and serves as the connection junction between Medical Travelers and Providers of all kind. Through our Platform, you will be able to spread-out your services to thousands of Medical Travelers seeking treatment abroad. You gain control over your own profile and manage your cases more efficiently, post information about your medical history, awards and reviews. Not only that but you have the advantage of designing your own marketing campaigns and advertising.

MTO Team offers comprehensive services in Healthcare Marketing to Healthcare Providers and Medical Services AGENTs. Brand building, brand awareness and targeted marketing campaigns, the advertising team design, develop, publish and monitor the progress of exposures you are receiving via the MTO Platform.

Having trouble using the MTO?

It's easy as 1-2-3 , All what you need is to submit a case describing your case and the MTO Platform will do the rest. You just need to select your targeted procedure (treatment or operation), your preferred destination (Country of Treatment) and some preferences about your trip. You can also select from more than 330 Procedures and Subprocedures. Travel logistics never been that easy, the MTO through its partners will offer you a lot of travel options that suits your budget and personal preferences. Not only that but you can select from featured hotels and SPAs to pamper yourself in luxury.

Are you a Business Owner?

If you are a provider of Healthcare (Hospital - Clinic or Alternative Medicine), Travel and Logistics (Hotel - SPA or Travel Agency) and you would like to become a certified member of the MTO - just let us know and our consultants will contact you for assessment and guide you through our certification process.

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