The Medical Tourism Organisation offers several Certification Programs that are aimed at improving your protocols and practices for providing care to international patients, streamlining the patient management process and ensuring a continuum of care. The programs are focused on providing transparency, education and communication with the patient as well as to provide the best possible patient experience.

What Does Medical Tourism Certification Do For Your Organization?

  • Increases the flow of international patients
  • Creates confidence, trust and credibility for your organization
  • Patients, Insurance Companies, and Employers will look to work with organizations that have been certified by the Medical Tourism Organization
  • The certification process educates your organization and increases your knowledge of processes and procedures
  • Helps create "best practices" when dealing with international patients
  • It can help in increasing patient safety and ensuring patient safety
  • It can reduce your organizations risk and liability
  • Putting the right processes and procedures in place can reduce the likelihood of errors and it increases the chances of positive outcomes
  • Sets your organization apart and creates a competitive edge


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